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Product Design

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Want a unique and innovative product?

Origin DC, we pride ourselves on creative thinking and innovation we bring this mindset to every project we do. whether a product development or a lighting design the approach is the same.

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From one-off bespoke lighting fixtures and fittings, sophisticated medical, manufacturing and automotive equipment. We fully utilise the latest design and engineering technology to complement our creative development skills, turning your clever ideas into useable and saleable solutions to real-world problems.

Concept to Product
Turning concepts into reality

At Origin DC, our Product Design team provides the technical know-how to convert concepts into reality and provide our clients with a practical and cost-effective way to bring their products to market, attract investors, or even simply to assess feasibility for further development.

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Working with LARGE

Working with large manufacturers or individual innovators and entrepreneurs, our product design team possess the professional and practical insights required to develop products from even the shortest of briefs Right up to intricate and detailed plans and complex engineering projects.

Every product you buy or use started life as a big idea…

Every product you buy or use started life as a big idea or a solution to a problem that needed solving.

Throughout the product design process, we provide honest feedback and in-depth product evaluations at every stage. So our customers are always fully informed and can assess the financial and practical implications and decide for themselves whether their finished product will be cost-efficient, usable and marketable item, either now or at some stage in the future.

The Origin DC team, fully understand that the majority of businesses and entrepreneurs are working within a fixed budget or timescale, and may need to either phase/pause the development of new products, or even fast track the entire process to deliver a ready to manufacture product in a very short amount of time.

Prototype Toaster

Our Process

• Clear briefing time
• Creation of the initial idea
• Design process
• Concept Development
• Concept Evaluation and Selection
• Concept development in 2D and 3D
• Prototype creation
• Final development
• Prototype evaluation
• Prototype testing
• Detailed drawings for production.
• Production Materials and BOM list.
• Supply chain and costing details

We offer our clients a flexible product development plan that allows them the freedom to progress at a rate that suits both their budgets and timeline requirements

So, whether you have an existing product idea, need a product designed or want your concept made into copyright and patentable design, we have the design experience and expertise to get you to the next step.

Because we understand how important it is to protect your new product from copying, every product we design for our clients is held in the strictest of confidence, including preliminary discussions and consultations. Origin DC is happy to enter into a non-disclosure agreement if you require.

Once your product has been designed, we have the in-house capabilities to transform it into a prototype model with our incredible 3D Printing and Modelling Service, so you can see, use and test your great idea in real-world conditions.

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