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Section 278

Street Lighting

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Thorough S278 Lighting Designs in accordance with the authority requirements.

Our extensive experience with S278 Lighting design makes us your number one choice for all aspects of this type of lighting. We work closely with your local authority to ensure that the process runs smoothly, on time and on budget. 

Our design process considers on-site risks, existing equipment, DNO connections, private cabling requirements, passively safe equipment, construction costs and local authority specifications and documentation.

Our S278 Lighting design package will be bespoke to your specific project and the appropriate authority requirements. We can produce a document to suit your needs.

  • Lighting Design Consideration Report
  • Lighting Design Calculations – Lighting Reality format
  • Location Plan
  • Connection Schedule 
  • Cable Calculations
  • Passively Safe Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Considerations


Our fully comprehensive reports assist to ensure the process of approval from councils runs smoothly and efficiently.

Lighting levels, Luminaire specification, column heights, mounting details, paint finishes.

Our location plans bring all the elements together to ensure that the process runs smoothly, providing the exact locations of the lighting using x and y coordinates to make sure the lighting is placed correctly onsite every time.

Local Authorities will insist that a site visit has been conducted to look at real-life issues and the state of the current lighting equipment, this is essential to the design and approval process.

we look at all factors when designing a lighting installation the Risk associated with locating lighting equipment can be high,  we look at mitigations to prevent this from being an issue and if anything is unavoidable it is clearly shown and recorded so extra measures can be taken to prevent possible issues.

We have years of experience dealing with sensitive areas that require the most delicate of lighting, we can offer advice and insight to minimise any Environment impact that lighting may have. Working closely with Ecologists and planners we deliver Nature centric lighting.

…State-of-the-art, practical lighting systems…

When safety is a priority, Origin DC’s Lighting Design team utilise the latest lighting design rendering software, combined with the many years of practical knowledge and experience gained to deliver state-of-the-art lighting design projects that transform, streetscapes.

design and deliver bespoke lighting technology 

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