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Lighting Design

Street Lighting


S38 Street Lighting Design.

Our team has experience in carrying out the technical checking and approval process for local authority’s and also preparing the S38 street lighting design for approval.

Total Quality Management

Paying close attention to the street lighting requirements from each authority prevents time-wasting at the approval stage. All briefs and specifications are treated with extreme attention to detail.

Liaising with the appropriate Authority

With our extensive experience in this area, we know exactly who to contact and how to liaise with your local authority to get the project moving swiftly forward. You will also receive timely updates from us on the progression of the project.




Fast Turnaround

We offer a quick turnaround on our Section 38 lighting designs. If you need a speedy response we can help. Each S38 street lighting design is thoughtfully prepared considering the below factors:

  • Power Consumption

  • Environmental impact

  • Resident impact

  • British Standards

  • Health and Safety implications

  • Authority requirements

  • Aesthetics

  • Planting

…Latest lighting design rendering software plus practical knowledge and experience…

Origin DC’s Lighting Design team utilise the latest lighting design rendering software, combined with the many years of practical knowledge and experience gained in the delivery of state-of-the-art lighting design projects that transform, streetscapes, offices, commercial buildings, and outdoor spaces, creating the ideal ambient lighting for a more productive and safer environment for end-users.

S278 Street Lighting Expertise

Thorough S278 Lighting Designs in accordance with the authority requirements.

Our extensive experience with S278 Lighting design makes us your number one choice for all aspects of this type of lighting. We work closely with your local authority to ensure that the process runs smoothly, on time and on budget. 

Our design process considers on-site risks, existing equipment, DNO connections, private cabling requirements, passively safe equipment, construction costs and local authority specifications and documentation.

Our S278 Lighting design package will be bespoke to your specific project and the appropriate authority requirements. We can produce a document to suit your needs.

  • Lighting Design Consideration Report
  • Lighting Design Calculations – Lighting Reality format
  • Location Plan
  • Survey information including photographs
  • Construction Drawings (200, 500, 1300 and 1400 series)
  • Connection Schedule 
  • Cable Calculations
  • Passively Safe Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Considerations

…State-of-the-art, practical lighting systems…

When safety is a priority, Origin DC’s Lighting Design team utilise the latest lighting design rendering software, combined with the many years of practical knowledge and experience gained to deliver state-of-the-art lighting design projects that transform, streetscapes.

design and deliver bespoke lighting technology 


…suitable for commercial, industrial and horticultural application…

Custom LED PCB Design service

OriginDC’s LED PCB design team, can supply custom-designed LED PCBs in a wide variety of substrates including FR4, Aluminium, Copper.

Ideal for Custom builds, bespoke projects, Small batch or prototype production or mass production, suitable for commercial, industrial and horticultural application.

  • Multi-channel
  • Colour tuning
  • Colour mixing
  • Full-spectrum

We work with several trusted and audited partners each with their own specialist technologies to produce the finished circuit board to our exacting specifications. We also have great relationships with SMT suppliers allowing us to obtain competitive pricing on components. With the bespoke Design of the PCBs to the requirements of the project, we are able to tightly control the specification and optimise the cost vs performance balance for your application.

Please get in touch for more information on our specialist circuit boards and bespoke design services and a no-obligation quotation.