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Lighting Design

A diagrm demonstrating product design.

From one-off bespoke lighting fixtures and fittings, sophisticated medical, manufacturing and automotive equipment, we fully utilise the latest design and engineering technology to complement our creative development skills, turning your clever ideas into useable and saleable solutions to real-world problems.

Drawings of product design
convert concepts into reality

At Origin DC, our Product Design team provides the technical know-how to convert concepts into reality and provide our clients with a practical and cost-effective way to bring their products to market, attract investors, or even simply to assess feasibility for further development.

Drawings of product design
Working with LARGE

Working with large manufacturers or individual innovators and entrepreneurs, our product design team posses the professional and practical insights required to develop products from even the shortest of briefs, right up to intricate and detailed plans and complex engineering projects.


HOW we can HELP you

Each lighting design project is expertly managed by our own specialist project managers, right from initial consultation, design, manufacture and installation, all the way through to illumination day, ensuring our clients receive the results they want within their individual specifications.





We provide practical working solutions to increase safety and productivity, whilst keeping a close eye on energy saving, security and costs, we’re here to help you achieve the perfect lighting system for your project, on time and on budget.

…Latest lighting design rendering software plus practical knowledge and experience…

Origin DC’s Lighting Design team utilise the latest lighting design rendering software, combined with the many years of practical knowledge and experience gained in the delivery of state-of-the-art lighting design projects that transform, streetscapes, offices, commercial buildings, and outdoor spaces, creating the ideal ambient lighting for a more productive and safer environment for end-users.

Working closely with clients such as new build architects, property developers, interior designers, corporates businesses, local councils, landscape gardeners, as well as individual private customers, we bring light and life to your indoor and outdoor spaces with our inspired lighting solutions. 


Lighting controls specification, using years of knowledge and know-how we can design and specify lighting technology delivers state of the art creative and practical lighting systems that can be as bold or as subtle as you desire – almost like having your very own special effects team at your fingertips.


So, whether you want your lighting to be an awe-inspiring design feature of your building or landscape design or more of a practical working solution with an eye on energy saving, security and costs, we’re here to help you get the right lighting system for your project on time and on budget. 

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