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LED PCB Design

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…suitable for commercial, industrial and horticultural application…

Custom LED PCB Design service

OriginDC’s LED PCB design team, can supply custom-designed LED PCBs in a wide variety of substrates including FR4, Aluminium, Copper.

Ideal for Custom builds, bespoke projects, Small batch or prototype production or mass production, suitable for commercial, industrial and horticultural application.

  • Multi-channel
  • Colour tuning
  • Colour mixing
  • Full-spectrum

We work with several trusted and audited partners each with their own specialist technologies to produce the finished circuit board to our exacting specifications. We also have great relationships with SMT suppliers allowing us to obtain competitive pricing on components. With the bespoke Design of the PCBs to the requirements of the project, we are able to tightly control the specification and optimise the cost vs performance balance for your application.


Our designer can tailor the design of the LED board and circuit to meet your requirement, helping you achieve cost and performance targets for your product.

We can design and make your LED boards to have as many channels as you require allowing you to control the output of the led power and colour.

LED boarding can be populated with different LEDs providing different wavelengths these can then be controlled to prove the desired colour output.

Created amazing lighting effects and using different colours which are design specifically for your project.

Tailoring your light spectrum to your needs,  if you growing plant or alge we can create the correct spectrum for you.

Prototype, Small and large batch product all possible.

Please get in touch for more information on our specialist circuit boards and bespoke design services and a no-obligation quotation.