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3D Printed Small Batch Production – Horticulture Luminaires 

When you’re up against the clock and want to be 100% sure your new product design will work and be a viable product before committing to large scale production, the most efficient and cost-effective solution is without doubt 3D Printing.  

Our rapid 3D Printing Service provided one of our customers with 30x fully functioning bespoke Luminaire Bodies for the horticultural industry in just 10 days, allowing them to fully test and approve the new design before proceeding to full production of 000’s of units.  

With only minor adjustments required by our in-house design team to make the design fully 3D printable, we were able to ensure our client reached their tight timescale requirements and were confident in their new luminaire’s functionality prior to mass production.  

3D Printing – NHS PPE Shortage Solution 

As the COVID-19 PPE Crisis developed in 2020-21, Origin DC dedicated its entire rapid 3D Printing production line to providing Milton Keynes University Hospital and its NHS facilities with 1,200 urgently needed Face Shields – FREE of CHARGE. 

3D Printing is uniquely adaptable and capable of producing an infinite range of products in an incredibly wide range of materials, including medical grade materials, at a fraction of the cost and time it would take a traditional factory production line to recalibrate their machines and equipment. Perfect for emergency production requirements! 

Using an approved open-source design, within hours of receiving the designs, our 3D printers we’re set up, running, and producing 20-30 Face Shields per day almost immediately. We like to think our Face Shields saved many of our NHS heroes from contracting the virus and helped keep them safe.  

Flexible manufacturing

Rapid turn around 100%
Cost effective 100%
Design for 3D printing 100%
One off or small production runs 100%
Engineering materials 100%