Lighting controls

Origin design consultancy will...

  • Advise on the most suitable systems and provide details
  • Provide a control philosophy so that lighting will work as designed

Street lighting

Origin design consultancy will...

  • Supply full street lighting drawing suitable for submittal to local authorities for approval 
  • Provide both adoptable and non adoptable designs for on site and off site sections (S38 and S278) 
  • Make sure that the design complies with the latest design standards (BS5489-1:2013 and EN3201:2015)
  • Use the latest technology possible to deliver a cost effective and energy efficient design 
  • Issue design risk assessment in line with the latest risk assessment criteria (CDM2015)  -

Exterior build and Landscape Lighting

Origin design consultancy will...

  • Interpret your idea into a professional design
  • Provide a clear product specification
  • Shape your design to your specific requirement

Decorative lighting

Origin design consultancy will...

  • Bring years of experience to add flare and excitement.
  • Understand the materials and surfaces used, so can obtain the best results
  • Recognise your requirements
With lighting and lighting design experience from over 10 years with in the industry, designing at the highest levels, for OEM manufactures and consultancies. Origin design consultancy have the experience to deliver you lighting projects to you creatively, quickly, effectively and on budget. 

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Lighting Design

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Domestic lighting

Origin design consultancy will...

  • Direct you into the correct lighting decisions for your project
  • ​Engage in a one to one service to make sure we meet the needs of the project 
  • Turn your ideas into reality

Interior lighting

Origin design consultancy will...

  • Help develop effective, cost effective cutting edge lighting 
  • Clearly show lighting locations for easy install
  • Provide flexible time scales to suit your needs